Why I-trek?

I-trek is a low cost platform linking together global logistics professionals is more than 250 countries accesible from any computer, tablet or mobile, making it the perfect spot for your company's web profile, for instant inclusion into our databse simply register online for a free or pay plan listing


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You have several ways to browse our directory, you can search by name, category, locations, activity sectors or change the sorting of listing to fit to your criteria, if you use our search bar, results can be refined and adjusted to your preferences.


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By registering on I-Trek, make Global Logistics & Freight Forwarding as easy as 123.

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Why Use i-Trek?

i-Trek.com is a three phase communication website created to facilitate a successfull transition from your actual collaboration tools to forward technology online collaborative systems that will improve your one point network centralization of groups and corporate offices, staffs, business contacts, networks and reduce impact of poor customer communication of an unbound process such as contacts search, email updates, data loss, spaming, etc...

Be connected

Staying connected allows you to track your messages, respond to other user requests and to keep in touch with them

Gather together

Maintain your network allows you to track events of your contacts and share with them

Work around your network

Over the network you have built, communicate more easily and achieve your goals.

Starting in 2014 first, with this social network i-Trek.com will then together with its supported partners gradually introduce its vision of tomorrow's logistic process and new standars idea for paper free solutions; From general trading concerns to clearing and multimodal freight forwarding sectors, as part of a global supply chain, no matter if you are a manufacturer, a supplier, a carrier, a forwarding agent, a broker, a service provider or a buyer