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REM logistic

REM logistic


REM logistic specializes in multimodal transportation from Europe to all of the CIS (Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Mongolia and etc.). As well can provide transportation from China to CIS.
Since our customers chose multimodal cargo forwarding way, they save up to 15% of total forwarding costs.

Multimodal transportation is a way of freight transportation where several types of transportation are selected to transfer the same cargo. We take the cargo from the necessary departure point using the most appropriate vehicle and later reload it to another one. We choose the optimal route and, thus, we save your transportation costs and time spent.

Transportation options available: rail wagons, vessels, containers and trucks.

We cooperate with main seaport and inland terminals.

We handle documentation related to freight transportation and provide brokerage services at customs offices


Contact Details

REM logistic

  • Address: Vytenio str. 4, Vilnius 03113 Vilnius | Lithuania Lithuania
  • GPS: 54.68916,25.2798
  • Phone: +370 52060710
  • Fax: +370 52460417
  • Website: http://www.remlogistic.lt