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Diamond Shipping Company Limited

Diamond Shipping Company Limited


The Genesis

"Foresight - Thy name is success " dage in common business parlance, was proved correct once again when Diamond Shipping Company was founded by the Successful business house of Sarafs of Calcutta in 1991.

The company was established at juncture, when India was still fumbling with the economic crisis, and was contemplating to take its first step towards liberalization and globalization . The vision of this business family saw immense potential in the filed of shipping , especially in the containerization business . The Company was formed as a Private Limited Company under the Indian Companies Act of 1956.

It was subsequently converted into a public limited company in 1995 , when the company came out with a public issue of shares of Rs. 10/- each to facilitate listing on the Indian Bourses. The issue got an overwhelming response . The expanding business was the result of professional management , a committed and experienced workforce ad strict adherence of the doctrine " Customer Reigns Supreme ".

The Anchorage

The Company is headquartered at Calcutta , the flourishing of trade and present capital of the state of West Bengal in India. Diamond Shipping Company is registered with an authorized capital of Rs. 45 Million . The issue capital stands at more than Rs. 40 Million.

The Operations

Diamond Shipping is a certified Multinational Transport Operator , and is the owner of " Diamond Line " . The Company operates throughout its own and leased containers which runs NVOCC service . DSC offers point to point cargo shipment facility , and provides a single windows service to its patrons . Once the client has chartered its service , Diamond takes over right from loading the cargo from the client's warehouse or factory to delivering it to the precise location of clients requirement. Besides , outright of the cargo shipment , the company also advice its prospective clients on the optimum method of cargo movement . All the shipments are fully insured . Diamond is also a chartering broker and is empanelled with TRANSCHART , the premier , Government of India agency for chartering vessels . The company Provides complete service vis-୶is, Break Bulk , Chartering , Containers , Consolidation and Inland haulage. Diamond employs a highly efficient computer system that provides necessary information on line . The accounts and other shipping documents are fully automated . Most advanced communication systems keep regular tracking of shipments and provides better co-ordination among its domestic and overseas offices .

Usual Routs

Diamond operates from all Indian Ports & ICD's - such as Calcutta , Vizag , Madras , Tuticorin , Cochin , Bombay , Kandla , Paradeep , Coimbatore , New Delhi and Ludhiana. From the toughs routs of the Silk Route , Mongolia , Siberia , Interiors of Africa & South America to the Easiest routs of Europe and Central Asian States , the company delivers cargo to almost every nook and corner of the world. For easy access to various ports , the company has joined hands with the who's who of shipping . Besides operating from India , Diamond has full fledged setup at Kathmandu in Nepal.

The Ambit

The company is engaged in the following activities :

MTO & NVOCC Operations
Liner Agency
Warehousing , Depots & CFS
Break Bulk
Supply Chain Management
The People

Diamond Shipping is bestowed with a professional and dynamic management and a sincere co-operative and knowledgeable workforce . The team is constantly trained and tuned to the needs of the markets to adjust to the ever changing circumstances . The carefully selected workforce undergoes continuous OJT and is fully geared to face all the challenge of the industry.

The Group

The Saraf Group was founded five decades back in the city of Calcutta. Initial Interest of the group was in timber , other domestic and international trade.

Presently the group has multifarious business interest in diverse fields . It encompasses timber and forest products , Plantation , Construction , Chemical , Shipping , domestic & international trade.


Contact Details

Diamond Shipping Company Limited

  • Address: Jawaharlal Nehru Road 700071 Kolkata | India India
  • GPS: 22.569,88.3697
  • Phone: +91 3322260822
  • Fax: +91 3322264608
  • Website: http://www.diamondshipping.com/