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Nu World logistics (Pty) Ltd

Nu World logistics (Pty) Ltd


Nu World Logistics

We are a company that provides an interface between an Exporter and Importer or visa versa.In order to achieve this there are strict regulations that have to be conformed to in the exporting country as well as the importing country.It is our job to know what these regulations are, to ensure that our client is compliant and to make due declarations to our customs authorities for any goods that pass our borders.Our field is therefore very specialised and hugely important to the fiscus of this country.

How do we fit into the Supply Chain ?

Our core business function is to orchestrate the legal movement of cargo from an originating county to the destination country using the most cost effective and efficient mode of transport, and to keep our customer informed regularly of its progress until delivery to their door.In order to achieve this we have set up partnerships with international companies to represent N.W.L. in the international arena.We have commissioned an integrated “word” based softwear operating system that is updated daily with customs tariffs and duty structures in accordance with the WORLD CUSTOMS ORGANISTAION.We are governed to provide a reputable service by the Customs and Excise Act 91 of 1964


Whilst the brand N.W.L. is a new addition to the industry, my knowledge and skills are not. The ethos that has been adopted by myself will be at our core, that is, “service” and “service”, considering that we have no tangible product to sell.We will be a part of our customers business and provide a seamless integration between their logistics requirements and services that we have on offer.N.W.L. will be a major player in the freight industry in the years to come and my every intension to be a preferred supplier for logistics solutions.


Air Freight, Consolidator / Deconsolidator, Couriers, Messengers, small packages, Customs House Brokers, Excess luggages, Fairs & exhibitions, Fine Art Transportation, Household, Relocation, Humanitory , Int'l Freight Forwarders, Neutral & Wholesale services, Ocean freight, Rail Freight, Road Freight, Time sensitive, AOG,

Contact Details

Nu World logistics (Pty) Ltd

  • Address: 157 Belvedere Road 4051 Durban North | South Africa South Africa
  • GPS: -29.7748772,31.0280049
  • Phone: +27 315649278
  • Fax: +27 315649278
  • Website: http://www.nuworldlogistics.co.za/