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Evershine Logistics co, ltd.

Evershine Logistics co, ltd.


Ever Shine is my Eyes, Legs, Hands
Ever shine help me visit factories, push the production, inspect products, prevent cheating

Ever Shine gives me Competitive Price
I need the best price to face competition, Ever Shine has resource and ability to satisfy

Ever Shine is Always Stand by, Even In Chinese New Year
Ever shine supply 7x24 hours service

My Cash Flow Is Not OK Always, Ever Shine Gives Me Credit
Ever Shine has nice finance support

I Stock many Products, Ever Shine Gives me FREE Warehousing
Ever Shine offers rent FREE for 2 weeks

I Have Suppliers in Different Cities, Ever Shine has Trucks to Pick Up
Ever shine consolidates and gives me plan for FREE

Ever Shine Offers Me Factory Inspection FREE
Ever Shine supplys additional FREE service, such as factory inspeciton, I can find new supplier easily

I Hate Hidden Fees, Ever Shine Never
Ever Shine is a serious company during last 10 years, never never let any unhonest thing happen.

My Goods Include Oil, Battery,etc
Ever Shine focus on shpping more than 10 years, has knowledges to handle all kinds of cargo

Ever Shine Gives me Surprise service
Ever Shine gives new customer 20% money back, has lottery draw monthly to customers


Contact Details

Evershine Logistics co, ltd.

  • Address: 1124.Nanshan Avenue,Nanshan dist, Shenzhen 115000 | China China
  • GPS: 35,105
  • Phone: +86-755-86212403
  • Fax: +86-755-86171179
  • Website: http://eversl.com/