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World Freight Network


Established in 2004, WFN has a 10+ year proven track record of generating income for its Members, World Freight Network is highly regarded within the international freight networking industry. WFN's Founder, Kelly Bunyan, based in London, provides WFN Members with access to 265+ professional Freight Forwarders in 122 countries.

Being ISO 9001:2008 Certified (No: 198345), WFN leads by example; all Members are striving for excellence in all aspects of their operations.

Not only would WFN Membership provide you with the opportunity to receive new business from your newfound partners, but also it would help you to convert more sales as your potential clients would have full confidence in your company, knowing that you are internationally connected. At WFN you would have access to dedicated, expert partners to finish the job you start, as professionally and competently as if you had your own office in the destination country - your clients will be impressed by this.

Even though a high volume of cargo is exchanged within WFN, the financials within the network are super strong. Due to the sense of family within WFN, coupled with Kelly Bunyan's strong leadership, during 2011, 100% of all WFN payments were honoured, followed by 99% in both 2012 and 2013; so far in 2014, 100% have been honoured. With so many companies in the network, this statistic is exceptional and certainly not achievable outside the safe confines of WFN. A payment protection scheme is therefore simply just not required. In fact, WFN Members chose not to opt into a scheme, as they do not feel it is needed.

All at WFN Head Office are passionate about maintaining the quality and growth of WFN, assisting all Members in their quest to grow and sustain high volumes of business. WFN has a proactive management team with strong leadership.


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